Truth and illusion: two sides of the same coin

Imagine this…

At the beginning of everything, in a that infinite space where time does not exist, you are  energy. You are creative intelligence. You are one, powerful, perfectly whole force. You are the source. You know who you are, but you have not experienced who you are. It feels wonderful to be you, ecstatic, even. Yet that’s all there is and that’s all you feel. It’s beautiful, but lonely just being. You want something to do.

The beauty is, you can do anything you want, so you create the biggest adventure of all: splitting yourself up into infinite infinitesimal pieces that can experience everything. You have a thirst for learning, for experiencing everything possible within the create vortex of you. 


Way down along the line, these little pieces of you start to ask “why!” but to this you chuckle, and reply, “why not.” There’s no meaning behind it all, other than the joy of experience. Perhaps the biggest meaning, is the journey from separating away from the wholeness of yourself, playing out the most spectacular drama you could imagine, to then fall back into the ecstasy of completion. Back into wholeness. 

You create the experience of having a body, so you can experience through all different sorts of senses. As one tiny point of awareness, you can filter out your creativity and enjoy one experience at a time in a series of moments. This process is sometimes called time.

The journeys of life 

You go on all sorts of journeys, dancing and sensing, touching and eating, connecting and making love. Perhaps all the while you still know who you once were. You still feel the boundless fire of your spirit inside you that connects you to the mirror image of everything conscious thing.

You then wonder, what other experience can I have? What would be undoubtably, extraordinarily entertaining? So you decide to forget who you are completely, to fall asleep. Just so you can have a break from it all, and have the bliss of remembering when you wake up.

You make an infinite amount of planets, experiences, timelines, all intricately connected with synchronicity and little coincidences, just to amuse those that have the eyes to see them. The whole game is interwoven with intelligence beyond belief.

After a while, you run out of experience still. You’ve danced about in all forms of light, but you don’t understand who you are. You need something to compare yourself to. You need an opposite: darkness.


The darkness isn’t really you, it’s an illusion. And, really, it’s all the same as all other illusions. Even the light is an illusion, it just casts a clearer reflection of you.

Yet, the darkness creates polarity. It gives you friction that can fuel the big drama of life you’ve been planning. The darkness gives you something to awaken from, to realise who you are with the reflection of light.

You cannot find the light unless you lost it first, and the only way you can lose the light is by being blinded by the dark.

As above, so below. Earth has been created.


On this Earth right now, many are beginning to awaken to their infinite and powerful nature. Yet there seems to be a divide within the awakened ones: the ones who know it all to be game, and those who know it to be a game but are angry, blaming a select group that have controlled, divided and blinded the earth.

We cannot heal a division with anger or blame. The only way to heal this divide and come into completion with the source of our souls, is to unconditionally accept our evolution.

If you find yourself blaming what’s in the shadows of Earth’s darkness, you must know that same shadow is your very own nature, also. Whatever you resist, blame, hate and reject, you are rejecting in yourself, too.

The stark polarity of Earth’s story is all part of an infinite experience, and those who are ‘sleeping’ are all perfectly playing their own role, too. 

Isn’t sleeping and waking just the whole point of this little game?

There seems to be such debate over ‘truth’ and ‘illusion’ but in a world that was only created so we could experience ourselves, perhaps truth and illusion are just two sides of the same coin… 

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