The spiritual awakening is here, now.

Welcome home, my friend. It is no coincidence that you are reading these words. You are always in direct communication with the universe, and with your highest self. Divine synchronicity has brought you to this page. You are ready to expand your mind and remember the purpose of your soul during this powerful spiritual awakening. For Centuries, even Millenia, we have forgotten who we are. We have been asleep; governed by systems that have kept our focus on war, destruction and chaos. However, if you have resonated with any of this so far, you are part of the global healing and spiritual awakening to our true self. Something in you, if it hasn’t already, is about to radically transform.


Kali is a powerful goddess referred to in Hindu mythology. She symbolises the death of ‘ego’ in return for the liberation of the soul. She is often misunderstood as she can also be known to resemble time, violence, death and even sexuality; which appears to be very paradoxical to her label as the ‘divine mother’. Yet, the energy of Kali is so profoundly appropriate to the spiritual awakening of the earth, as the patriarchy exposes so much violence and imbalance of feminine and masculine energies. It is only the energy of the divine mother that can heal this imbalance, by shaking up the earth to its core; by forcing its darkness into the light, and pushing it into its greatest death and rebirth.


We are all expressions of the divine. In our birth, death and all of the space in between. However, the true self is not the ‘ego’ – our  thoughts, behaviours, regrets, addictions and traumas. When we stop identifying with these things as our ‘self’, awareness is all that is left. Through this awareness, we cease to judge ourselves and others. We can start to see the earth and each other as extensions of ourself. The inextricable link between the internal and the external becomes clear. It is in this space that we can begin to operate at the frequency of love.

When we operate at the frequency of love: war, destruction and chaos fade out of our reality. This is happening NOW. New energies are integrating on earth, allowing us to shift into the loving awareness that we are. Many are being called to aid with this spiritual movement. If you are still reading, you are likely to be one of these people. 


It is my intention for this blog to guide people who feel pulled towards the spiritual awakening. I will give you the tools to remember your soul purpose and to unlock your full potential during this powerful shift of consciousness. Everybody is welcome here.

We are building a community of people on this journey together. The spiritual awakening is happening NOW, and YOU’RE IT!