Why Spiritual Awakening Feels Dark

Spiritual Awakening feels dark

Sometimes, spiritual awakening feels dark, confusing and lonely. Yet when you are lost in the dark, you eventually realise that you are the light.

The darkness becomes nothing but an illusion. Your identity falls away so you can find yourself once again, with full authenticity.

The mind stays confused so that when your true purpose finally washes over you, the heart will know it to be the truth. Spiritual awakening can feel exhausting. Despite this, it leads us to ultimate truth and liberation. 

This post is for anyone who is going through an immense transformation and feels left in the dark and confused. If you have had your life shaken up and your identity burnt to the ground. Maybe a big relationship, Job, friends and family have all fallen out of your reality.

Almost all of the foundations you have set in your life have crumbled into ashes. Life has felt like one massive tower tarot card that just isn’t ending.

Even though your outside reality might not be so chaotic anymore, you are still painfully aware of your own negative behaviours, dependancies, inner criticisms and thought patterns. Stay hopeful. This is a necessary step of spiritual awakening. Out of the ashes, the phoenix rises. 

You Know There is Hope

For most people this kind of breakdown would be a spiral into insanity or depression, and you probably do feel quite depressed. However, you still have a deep sense that there is a purpose behind all of it. You have always known that there is more to life than the physical experience.

You believe that there is a much bigger picture that guides you through the motions of your life. Perhaps you are also seeing signs and synchronicities everywhere you go, keeping you moving forward no matter what.

It’s like you are in the dead of night but a comforting hand is reached out in front of you. Even though your spiritual awakening feels dark, you understand on a very deep level that this hand is walking you home into the love of your soul. 

5D Consciousness

For the first time in eons, new energy is pouring down upon the Earth and changing the way humans feel and interact. A lot of people in the spiritual community are referring to this new energy as the 5D consciousness. It sounds fancy and complicated, but 5D basically just means operating from a state of unconditional love and unity. Your experiences and interactions will come from a deep understanding of all being one; living and creating in the same consciousness.

Purging Old Karmic Patterns 

Yet, in order to transition into this new consciousness of love and union, you have to purge away all of your old karmic patterns. Karmic patterns are behaviours that have been learnt for survival in your childhood, sometimes even from past lives, that carried on into your adult life. You are still holding on to old patterns and beliefs that you know no longer serve you, but you are not sure how to let go of them. This is okay. You don’t need to know how to let go, you just need to stay aware and to not continue to identify with them.

Do not resist your unwanted thoughts, but do not follow them or believe them either. The only attention you should pay to your thoughts is just a loving awareness, acknowledging that they are present. Do not focus on trying to let them go, or you will hold onto them even more. When you keep coming back to loving awareness, the letting go will occur naturally. Trust the process. 

Anchoring the Light

During this process, as we move towards anchoring the 5D on Earth, it can feel so heavy. A lot of spiritual teachers have recently been talking about ‘anchoring the light’. Although the phrase anchoring the light seems like it’s a happy journey of meteor showers and rainbows and hugs, it’s not. Or at least, the beginning isn’t. The truth is, we all already are light. Paradoxically, your spiritual awakening feels dark so you can realise that YOU were the light all along. 

Light is already fully anchored. However, the human race has forgotten this. This is because the illusion of being separate identities has become so convincing. This belief has been implanted deeply into our subconscious mind from years of government systems, oppression, brain washing, conflict wars and the rise of capitalism. Even though you are the light, the belief that you are not means that you cannot experience life as if you are. 

“Do not imagine figures of light, make the darkness conscious” – Carl Jung

When I speak of anchoring the light, just as the philosopher and psychologist Carl Jung said: “do not imagine figures of light, make the darkness conscious.” All you really need to do is become deeply aware of the illusions of dark inside you. Stop identifying with these illusions and eventually you will be ready to let them go. 

When you spiritually ascend, this process speeds up. This means brining all of your illusions up to the surface, consecutively. This means experiencing all of your triggers again and again, until you finally bring them from the subconscious into the conscious mind and actively CHOOSE to respond with love.

As soon as you actively choose to respond with love to a trigger, then that trigger will no longer show up in your reality. This is because where your attention goes, your energy flows. Where your energy flows, your reality is created.

When you stop paying attention to a negative belief about yourself or the world around you, you will stop having experiences that remind you of this belief. This is because no energy is watering it.

Life has a very intelligent way of presenting what triggers your fears, and showing you what needs to be healed until you change the way you respond to it. It is a very intense journey of shedding away your conditionings to step into the beauty and fire of your soul.

Keep going. You are not alone.

If you resonate with this, I urge you to KEEP GOING. Yes, it is exhausting, and sometimes even feels unfair. But you have been CHOSEN for this journey because YOU are strong enough to go through this process. This process doesn’t just benefit you, but the whole of humanity. 

One day you will look back and you will be so grateful to the version of yourself right now that is facing all of your wounds and scars.

You are healing years and years of oppression, pain and suffering. You are building a bridge for so many others to walk across. Most importantly, you are not alone. One day you will be surrounded by your soul family and we will all know that we did this together. Even in the times where we felt alone on this journey, we will understand that we were always deeply connected. 

This is only the beginning

This is only the beginning of the journey. A time will come soon where you no longer feel the need to get go of anything because you know you can CHOOSE love RIGHT NOW. There is so much to look forward to. But if this is where you are, let yourself engage with it. Don’t rush it. Your own darkness has so many teachings to offer, and step by step it leads you towards the light.

I love you, we love you, and most of all THANK YOU. Awakening isn’t easy, and you might feel like you’re not doing it right. This is your sign to tell you that you’re doing everything you need to. Perfectly.

All you need to do is to stay aware, and that is exactly what you are doing. So welcome your own darkness home. Recognise, attend to and love your triggers as they are only coming into awareness so they can finally leave. Let them go with gratitude and  grace.

Awakening can feel dark, but always remember that this darkness serves us to step into the light and the unconditional love of our soul.

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