How to navigate the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’

What is the Dark Night of the Soul?

The Dark Night of the Soul is a stage of awakening that invokes ego death. It is often a very dark and confusing place to be. The Dark Night of the Soul will dismantle your persona and all of your beliefs until you respond to the world from a state of presence. 

The collective Dark Night of the Soul

A powerful shift in consciousness is taking place on Earth right now. Humanity is taking the journey from fear into love, but this process is rooted in consciously loving and accepting all parts of ourselves.

I have seen many people describe what is going on right now as a collective ‘Dark Night of the Soul’. Many star-seeds, empaths, healers and light-workers are going through this experience together, although it is a very deep and individual experience that forces us to face our darkness alone.

Some people may go through several dark night of the soul phases over their lifetime.

Facing this darkness might seem harrowingly terrifying and lonely, but it’s ultimately what will reveal the most true, happy and authentic version of ourselves.

We are waking up from pleasant unconsciousness into the awareness of suffering. This can manifest into a deep sense of meaninglessness and depression. 

Depression and Meaninglessness 

But why do we feel so much meaninglessness and depression? As we navigate the Dark Night of the Soul, we go through a sort of ego-death. Although this process is deeply meaningful, it can feel the opposite as it is our ego that is revealed which we discover to be the meaningless part of ourselves.

Our ego being revealed may also bring up feelings of shame, guilt and unworthiness. These are programmes that have been conditioned into humanity for thousands of years to keep the truth of our multi-dimensional, creative power hidden.

As a result of feeling depressed, shameful and unworthy it can become increasingly difficult to relax and surrender. We may overthink and doubt our everyday experiences. If we do manage to detach from our thoughts, we still may not feel connected to the inner love of our true selves.

We must work through these blocks before we can come into union with our divine consciousness.

This can bring up doubt in our own power, and frustration as we try to rush to completion. To get through this we have to learn patience.

We must work with the dark night of the soul, not against it. We must acknowledge it as an expression of our divine nature, and an opportunity to transform from identity into loving presence.

How to navigate the Dark Night of the Soul:

  • Remember that what you are processing is for the highest good of all. Put your ego’s need for instant gratification aside in order to serve humanity.
  • Remember that there is nothing wrong or broken inside you. The difficult thoughts and emotions you experience are yours and are safe to be felt by you.
  •  Do not antagonize your thoughts as negative, harmful patterns. You would not look at a hurt child and blame them for their pain; love your limitations in the same way as you would love a hurt child.
  • Instead of believing you are a victim, take responsibility over your journey on Earth as a divine consciousness. Remember that you are partaking in this experience out of choice.
  • Remember that you do not need to rush to completion. If you go into meditation expecting a breakthrough, you are subconsciously focusing on a feeling of lack.
  • You are worthy and loved right now. Repeat the mantra ‘I am enough. I do enough. I have enough.’
  • Remember that there are several stages to awakening. We can sometimes appear to awaken all at once into bliss and union, only to then fade back into darkness. This darkness does not mean you are forgetting your spiritual journey; you are simply going deeper. Honour this space, too.
  • Remember that you are not alone in this journey of healing. You are held in love by the universe, even if this stage of awakening requires you to feel alone.
  • If thoughts that interrupt your presence arise, do not label them as separate from your divine consciousness.
  • Have patience with yourself as you learn to honour every feeling. It isn’t easy, but you are doing it because your soul is more than ready.

Do the work and its effects will be permanent 

Recently, I read Phillip Pullman’s ‘The Amber Spyglass’. This is the last book in the ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy. I read a few lines the other day that really resonated with me. [a very small spoiler, but does not give away the plot]:

Near the end, the main character Lyra is about to venture into her adult life. She fears she has lost the magical abilities she once possessed, to be able to read the alethiometer  (an instrument that tells the truth).

She talks to a witch about her worries, and the witch tells her:

“You read it by grace, and you can regain it by work.”

“How long will that take?”

“A lifetime”

“That long…”

“But your reading will be even better then, after a lifetime of thought and effort, because it will come from conscious understanding. Grace attained like that is deeper and fuller than grace that comes freely, and furthermore, once you’ve gained it, it will never leave you.”

I felt that this message was very significant to anyone going through a Dark Night of the Soul experience. Although it is hard work, you are learning to consciously accept everything you have buried. You are slowly liberating yourself.

Transcend your limitations

Love any feelings of depression and fear that arise as an expression of divine consciousness. Acknowledge that you are ready to gently release it.

Finally, I would like to give you a mantra. This mantra calls upon Ganesha: the remover of obstacles and limitations.

“Om Gam Ganapataye Namahah.”

Repeat this mantra to create a safe space for you to honour and transcend your fears and limitations during a Dark Night of the Soul. 

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