LOA Debunked: We Cannot Control the Law of Attraction

We cannot control of the law of attraction

Contradictory to popular belief, we cannot control of the law of attraction. We cannot manipulate the world around us to get what we want, or try to control our thoughts and feelings. 

If you want the law of attraction to start working for you, you must first learn to surrender and to practise radical acceptance. 

This isn’t to say we can’t achieve our dreams and get the reality that our heart desires. The deepest truth is that everything our heart longs for is already ours. What brings us joy IS us, because it reflects the truth of who we are at a soul level. However, we can only access this reality once we let go of the idea that we must be in control to find this inner and outer harmony.

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Let go of responsibility 

Many spiritual seekers understand that their thoughts, feelings and actions are mirrored back to them in physical reality. Because of this, they feel like they have a tremendous amount of responsibility over their lives. Imagine you are suddenly holding the steering wheel of a brand new car even though you’ve just learned how to drive. Now you find yourself on MarioCart’s ‘Rainbow Road’ and you feel like you’re about to crash and fall right off the edge! 

It can be easy to get attached to the idea that you have chosen every tiny experience and part of your existence. After all, it’s a very powerful feeling. Unfortunately, this leads many people to get stuck in a cycle of fearing that their negative thoughts will manifest into something ‘bad’. They then feel anxious because they have this fear, and so on. 

You have not chosen your experience it has chosen you 

The truth is, you are not in control of the law of attraction. You can only choose the energy you wish to embody, which will influence the way you perceive reality. One thing that you should know is that you have not chosen your experience: it has chosen you. 

We are not in control of the law of attraction because once we stop resisting and accept what is, we are in a state of surrender. This is when the love inside our heart naturally arises. When we feel love, we gracefully welcome and accept more and more of it into our reality. The more love we accept inside of ourselves, the more it is reflected back to us in the world. 

No need to resist

The idea that you are responsible for everything you attract in life can be a very damaging concept. This pressure can create a large amount of resistance within the psyche, because the more we believe we are responsible for everything we observe, the more we try to control our thoughts and feelings. 

We resist control by trying too hard to have it. The more we resist control, what will show up in our lives will seemingly be chaotic and uncontrollable situations. Resistance to this will further bring more and more uncontrollable thoughts, feelings and events.  

Instead of responding to these situations with “Arrrgh! I need to be able to control my thoughts and emotions to attract what I want!” a much more effective way of responding would be: “I have absolutely no idea why this is happening, I can’t control this at all. How exciting!”

The law of attraction is an illusion?

You will be surprised to find out how much power and control you actually have when you stop fighting against the perfect flow and composure that exists inside you. 

It helps to see it as YOU are not the one in control, but rather a much higher and loving force. Some might call it your ‘higher self’, ‘God’, ‘the universe’, ‘Brahman’, whatever you like to call it. This force exists within you is connected to everything else in the universe and is working THROUGH you. 

Accept that you do not know and you do not understand. All you need is trust. When you have this, you will not need to fear being so responsible for everything. 

Learn to truly surrender. You will actually come to realise that it was never YOU making ‘the law of attraction’ happen anyway. The law of attraction is just a useful tool to help you get to the point of surrender and unconditional love. 


Manifestation is really just intuition

Some people might think “well how come I’ve read, heard about or met great manifestors! I have heard about stories of people manifesting really specific things!” 

The thing is, the first step to the law of attraction is clearing the mind of illusions, unwanted thoughts and fears. After this, our mind is clear and extra sensory perceptions begin to expand. The people who magically receive exactly what they have just been thinking about, are simply intuitively aware of what is already on its way to them. This is because they can see the universe planting the seeds and getting them ready for what they desire.

Why is the world full of so much injustice?

This concept also works on a collective scale. Newspapers, articles, videos and other media often illustrate how negative the world is. They constantly guide us to imagine and talk about war, poverty, political divide and crisis. In response, people go to social media to rant about it and to advertise campaigns. All of this division and suffering is both thought about and felt on a massive collective scale. 

People fight, oppose and resist the political and social climate of the world thinking that they are making a difference. Except this is exactly how we keep ourselves enslaved to the very things we want to rise above and change. The more the collective pays attention to the injustices of the world, more and more of it is brought into our reality and our perception.

I know, a majority of the population would think you to be a raving lunatic if you were to go out on the streets shouting “War is great!” “I love austerity!” “I am embracing the climate crisis!” But accepting what is with compassion and peace has a radical power to transform reality. Not just your own personal reality, but the whole collective experience on Earth. 

Manifesting Heaven on Earth 

Surrender and trust the universe. Give up the need to control the law of attraction. Everything that ever was, is, and will be is in perfect balance and harmony. Let go of everything you are trying to control, and these things will flow to you without resistance. When humankind make peace with war, injustice and division, the universe will also have no need to keep showing us war, injustice and division. Through surrender and acceptance, we see that the world is already united. We have the power to flood this earth with love, compassion and unity.


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  1. Andy

    Interesting thoughts.
    We are in everything and everything is in us.
    We are one.

    To me it’s hard to stop wanting to understand everything. But the indescribable is exactly that, unexplainable.

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