The Secrets and Science of the Law of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a natural law, permitting that we can attract whatever we truly desire into our reality. Some call this process ‘manifesting’.

Its basic premise is that the thoughts, feelings and emotions that we put out into the world eventually come back to us in physical form.

A lot of spiritual teachers will say that in order to manifest what you want, you have to raise your vibration. And a lot of people in response, go huh? What does that mean? Do I need to do more yoga? They pretend they understand how this applies to their daily life, and then wonder why no results seem to be showing up. 

Many people think that in order to make the law of attraction work, they must control their thoughts and feelings. They must fake a lot of positivity to be at the same vibration as the object of their desire.

But let me tell you a secret of the law of attraction: you are not the one in control. Desperately focusing your mind on what you want despite how you really feel, actually repels what you want away from you. 

What do they mean ‘raise your vibration’ ?

The word vibration really just means if you feel fear (lower vibration) or love (higher vibration). Of course, yes, life is more complicated than that and yadayadayada, but most emotions do essentially fall into these categories. Even more complex emotions such as anger and shame originate from a feeling of fear, which develops the more it is repressed.  

Fear is really just an illusion of the absence of love… 

In order to really get the science of the law of attraction working, you can’t just be thinking, visualizing and writing down what you want. That’s a language the law of attraction can’t understand. It can only understand and receive the energy you give out; and the energy you give out is what you are feeling. Even when people get to the point of understanding this, they hit yet another roadblock. How can I just ‘feel love’? Most people have no idea how to define love, let alone feel it on demand. 

‘How can I raise my vibration from fear to love when I’m just not really feeling it?’

You can’t search for love, it only arises

But an even bigger secret that I’m going to tell you: is that you cannot search for love. It isn’t possible. No person, place or thing will ever give you that feeling of love forever. Love is something always inside of you. 

When people really want to manifest something: albeit a material thing, a relationship with a person, a new job, a different living situation. It is not the presence of the thing that they desire to manifest, but the thing it makes them FEEL. 

What people are normally seeking, is to feel love. We want to feel this because it is the truth of who we are, beyond the layers of conditioning that make us feel unworthy of love. But how can we even be WORTH love when it is what we are? We cannot possibly search for it. We can only let go of everything else that is not love.

 Believe that there is nothing in the way of you and love. Believe that love is no bigger or smaller than you, and love is what will naturally arise. 

Where attention goes, energy flows

If you try to create your own happiness, you will only get further away from it as you focus your attention on the lack of it rather than its presence inside you. 

This is the number one mistake that many people make when trying out the Law of Attraction. What we put attention onto, is what we experience. 

If you resist against negativity in your mind; this is what will grow as you put your attention on resistance towards negativity. In order to dissolve negative thoughts, and get us closer to what we really want in life, we must accept the things we perceive to be negative. 

We must always accept exactly what is, by becoming AWARE of our thoughts instead of putting attention on them and believing them. 

During this practice, it might feel logical to try and focus your mind on positive thoughts to counter the negative, but this does not work because forcing positivity is energetically just resisting negativity. You cannot escape how you feel. You can only practise radical acceptance. 

The Science: Newton’s Third Law

Isaac Newtons third law states that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. The law of attraction is fundamentally the same law that Newton discovered.

The science of the law of attraction can be based on this principle. 

A lot of people seem to believe that human beings are abject from the laws of the rest of the physical world. This is not true. Newton’s theory means that with every interaction, “the size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object, and the direction of the force on the first object is opposite to the direction of the force of the second object.” For more information and example’s on Newton’s third law please visit:

Within the context of this discussion, the first object will always be you, and the second object will always be the thing you are trying to manifest into your life with the law of attraction.

Newton’s third law is a scientifically accepted principle applying to all elements and physical matter. Humans are also made up of atoms and particles and energy. There is no reason for this law to not apply to the energetic interactions that happen in our daily lives, and within our own thoughts and feelings. 

The Path of Neutrality

If we try too hard to create positive, we reveal negative. If we accept negative, we reveal positive.

The secret here is to remain in a neutral position. No resistance or trying to create energy. This is because energy cannot be created or destroyed, only manipulated.

When we manipulate the world around us by trying to create a specific outcome, the universe will bring us its opposite to achieve a state of balance and neutralise itself.

The core state of energy itself is neutrality. If we manipulate the world around us, it will react and counter balance itself to become neutral. If we leave it alone and do not manipulate it, it will also be neutral. This counter balancing of energy, is what the concept of “karma” technically boils down to.  

Putting it Into Practise

Now you might be thinking… but how does this work? I have no money, I am always broke, and I am always worrying and thinking about how little money I have! If the universe presents an equal and opposite reaction, and I say I have no money, surely the universe should bring me lots of money!

…No, not quite. Like I previously explained, it’s only if we ACCEPT negative then we reveal positive. You might be THINKING that you have no money, but remember it’s the FEELING behind the thought that creates the reaction, not language.

If you are thinking about how little money you have but you really want some more, you are affirming to the universe that that you don’t have any money and that you are financially lacking. Thus, you are resisting the idea having of money – and so it cannot come to you.

These energetic principles are law, and work for everything. When you say “ I am lonely and nobody wants to be with me” what you are FEELING is “I really want a relationship, but I don’t deserve it so I am resisting the idea of a relationship.” Again, you are affirming your lack of relationship and resisting one coming to you. 

However, if you change your thinking to “I accept and am at peace with no relationship. I am whole.” You are not focused on the lack of a relationship. You are not resisting the idea of one happening, either. As you accept the ‘negative’, a relationship is free to flow towards you with no resistance to repel it in the opposite direction. 

Accept What is, and Your Desires will Manifest 

The path of neutrality is accepting what is without resistance, tension or need. When you accept what is, you break out of the cycle of karma. A state of flow arises, where all the things that your heart and soul truly desire and feel connected to can be yours. You will be ready to receive them with gratitude and grace, because you will be open to loving them fully when they are here. The universe loves you and wants you to get the best experience out of the things you want in life.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” – Albert Einstein

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